Piano Lessons

What is Piano Lessons for Kids?

If your beautiful child ask you: I want to learn play piano, when can I start?

You’d be delighted and begin your search for piano teachers near you.

But where to start and how to know who is the right teacher for your child? Maybe ask friends, but their kids are more into sport.

Your Google search landed here – CBD Piano Academy.

Welcome! Let’s scroll down and see.

I taught piano to many kids of different ages for different reasons.

Some children are naturally gifted, artistic, but don’t like to practice. Some kids are smart, practical, systematic, high achievers.

Here’s why we’re not just another piano school:

  • Every child is unique, and so is our teaching. Whether your child is a born artist or a methodical learner, we personalize our approach to ignite their passion and unlock their potential.
  • More than just music, we nurture creativity, musicality, and rhythm. Our engaging method fosters cognitive development, boosts confidence, and equips your child with lifelong skills.
  • Picture your child sharing their talent with friends, family, and school audiences. Learning piano opens doors to new friendships, experiences, and even scholarships.

But the real reward? Seeing the joy on your child’s face as they master a piece, express themselves through music, and discover a world of possibilities.

Your kids will learn how to:

  • Read music sheet

  • Use the right fingering and positions

  • Apply the right timing

  • Develop musicality and understand of phrasing

  • Establish the right posture to prevent back pain

  • Develop practice habits at home

  • Connect visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning

The key of my teaching method is to make your child believe in their abilities to learn and play piano. Our lesson is a creative yet systematic process. We co-create, learn through play, games, and interactive learning. Moreover, results will motivate your kids.

Ready to unlock your child’s musical potential? Contact us today to book a first trial lesson and embark on an exciting journey together!

Pricing Plan

Choose Your Pricing Plan

Piano Lessons

Beginner & Intermediate Level 1

  • 30 min lesson $70
  • 45 min lesson $90
  • 60 min lesson $110

Piano Lessons

Advanced Level 2

  • 60 min lesson $120
  • 75 min lesson $150
  • 90 min lesson $180