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Ignite Your Musical Passion at CBD Piano Academy

Dive into the world of music with CBD Piano Academy, your welcoming and enriching destination for piano learning in Melbourne city.

Hi, I’m Yanna, your enthusiastic and experienced piano instructor, ready to guide you on your musical journey.

About the Academy: established in 2015, we’ve nurtured the musical aspirations of countless students, helping them develop their skills, ignite their passion for music, and excel in AMEB Piano Exams. We cater to all ages and levels, providing a supportive and engaging environment where learning is accessible and fun.

Teaching Philosophy: my unique teaching method, honed over 15 years, focuses on a systematic yet personalized approach. I prioritize building strong piano techniques, fostering musicality, and instilling effective practice habits, ensuring you achieve your desired results.

My Expertise: my own musical journey began at the age of 5 in Moscow, Russia. I studied piano performance and conducting at the Russian Academy of Music. Later, I further refined my skills by completing a Master of Music at The University of Melbourne Conservatorium, performed locally and internationally.

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New Online Piano Courses: learn & grow at your own pace!

Our brand-new online piano courses are coming soon, offering the perfect solution for busy schedules! Developed in response to overwhelming demand for private lessons, these courses will empower you to learn, improve, or advance your piano skills and techniques on your own terms.

Enjoy the flexibility of learning at your own pace and schedule, whether it’s grabbing quick practice sessions during your lunch break or dedicating longer stretches on weekends. Whether you’re a beginner eager to explore the musical world, an intermediate player seeking to refine your skills, or an advanced student aiming for further mastery, these courses cater to diverse needs and levels.

And bonus! You will gain valuable tools and guidance to conquer your AMEB piano exams with confidence. Each course is meticulously designed to cover essential concepts and techniques, ultimately leading you to impressive results.

So, stay tuned for the launch of these game-changing online courses! In the meantime, I look forward to welcoming you to my in-person classes or our exciting online learning community soon.

About Us

Our Areas of Expertise

At CBD Piano Academy, we specialize in empowering students to excel in both Repertoire and Comprehensive AMEB Piano Exams. We provide a clear pathway to successful performance and outstanding results. Through thoughtful collaboration, we’ll handpick piano pieces that highlight your strengths and unique musical personality, ensuring you shine on exam day.

Go beyond exam readiness with our exclusive Pre-Test Practice Exam. This valuable service offers in-depth feedback and personalized suggestions for improvement, giving you the confidence and tools to achieve your desired score.

But learning piano isn’t just about exams! If you’re eager to embark on your musical journey without the pressure of tests, we’re here to guide you step-by-step. All ages and levels are welcome to explore the joy of playing and unlock their musical potential.

Why Choose Us

AMEB Exam Preparation at CBD Piano Academy

We encourage our students to pursue AMEB Piano exams, it challenging and rewarding. 

We help our students to:

  • choose the right exam format individually
  • select exam piano pieces to showcase your strengths, abilities, skill set
  • prepare for a successful exam, systematic and comprehensive training 
  • share useful tips and shortcuts 
  • make this process accessible, achievable and enjoyable
  • get results and high grades


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Expertise that Resonates

With experienced tutors dedicated to unlocking your full potential, choose us for an educational journey that harmonizes expertise with individualized learning.


Tailored Success, Every Note Matters

At CBD Piano Academy, we understand that every student is unique. Choose us for a tailored approach to success, where each note is a step towards musical mastery.


Unlocking Musical Brilliance, Beyond the Keys

Our approach goes beyond just playing notes; we cultivate a comprehensive learning experience. From technical mastery to expressive artistry, choose us for a well-rounded education that transcends the keys.


What Student Say About Us

Discover the transformative experiences of our students through heartfelt testimonials. Dive into a collection of stories that reflect the impact of our courses and the musical journeys they’ve inspired.

Yanna’s teaching techniques of imparting her knowledge and skills possess a strong focus on fostering the individual’s strengths and aspirations instead of molding them into the conventional way of learning to play. For adult learners, Yanna’s application of Adult Learning Principles is reflected in her understanding and respect for the individual’s uniqueness and differences which brings the piano learning experience with her to a complete different level.

Jean-Louis Nguyen

I love my lessons with Yanna. She has shown me how to develop a solid technique and play stylistically. I hadn’t played piano for 45 years when I started with Yanna. To be honest, I had never given technique much attention all those years ago. Having a systematic approach to developing a good technique really unlocks some wonderful repertoire that I never thought I would play. A huge thanks to Yanna for so patiently guiding and encouraging me!

Wendy Brooks

I have been taking piano lessons with Yana for a few months now, and am absolutely loving it! I had never played the piano before, just wanted to learn something new, and Yana has been such a brilliant teacher! Although I'm new to the instrument and can barely read music, she is extremely talented and her lessons would be suitable for any experience level, from beginner to advanced. Yana is also a kind and lovely person, so the lessons are always enjoyable. I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in learning or improving their piano skills.


My daughter LOVES going to piano lessons with Yanna. She makes learning super fun while teaching the techniques we need to prepare for AMEB exams.

Tracy L

Yanna is an incredible Teacher. I feel like I’m being guided to play piano like a pro. Not just learning songs, but working through the correct technique and prep to play the piano beautifully. Forever grateful for my lessons with her.

Jarrad Kenny

Yanna without a doubt is the most remarkable piano teacher one will encounter. Not only she is extremely talented musician and pianist, her piano teaching method is effective and efficient indeed. I was surprised myself that I have progressed so significantly in less than a year and was able to master challenging pieces by Mendelssohn, Tchaikovsky and Mozart. It’s definitely a joy and satisfaction to play those pieces, and in some occasions, we even played on a varieties of grand pianos. This has further built up my confidence in public playing and also widening my knowledge in handling different pianos. I moved back to my home town Singapore and successfully completed Grade 5 ABRSM and started to prepare for Grade 7. I look forward to continue learning from Yanna online.

Aggie Lee

CBD Piano Academy is a leading piano teaching academy. I found it on Google two months ago and contacted Yanna for a trial lesson. Before taking the trial lesson, I went to buy the piano. Even Though I have not met Yanna at that time, she was very kind-hearted and gave me a few advices on piano selection. When I took the trial lesson, I was impressed by Yanna's teaching. Responsible, encouraging, professional and efficient. It intrigued my Interest in Piano. So I decided to continue with her. Now I have completed 7 classes with her and I can see great progress compared with the beginning. She focused on minor details and correct techniques, which I agree with her very much. As a beginner, I need to ensure my techniques are good, especially when playing Hanon. Sometimes slow is fast. I will keep working hard on Piano with Yanna and hopefully I can achieve more in the near future. Highly recommend Yanna to be your piano teacher.

Jack Chen

My kids have been taking piano lessons with Yanna preparing for AMEB exams and achieving A and A+ results last few years. Their progress has been enormous even with online lessons during the pandemic years. Yanna is highly experienced, patient, engaging and always encourages kids to achieve their best.


Yanna is a very warm, kind, and patient piano teacher. I have learnt so much about articulation and technique in the few months I've taken lessons with her. With her guidance, I've decided to take AMEB exams next year to consolidate my musical knowledge.

Ciara G