AMEB Exam Training

What is AMEB Supplementary Training?

On Stage Courses
This is a very important course that will help you to manage your nerves when you play and teach you how to present your programme. There are 3 Modules in this course.

Presentation Module about how to select well-balanced exam programme and about public speaking when presenting your exam pieces. Also, how to combat performance anxiety Relax Module – special exercises, breathing techniques and other useful resources that will help you to play on stage or record your video exams. We will also cover the ‘mental breaks’ within your Repertoire programme and talk about how to manage your energy throughout your performance in Energy Module.

Also, I highly recommend to enrol to supplementary technical training course Fundamentals Module where we will go through Hanon velocity book together. Maybe you are already familiar with his brilliant velocity exercises and played them in the past. But you might be surprised by the method that I will offer you. Also, we will talk about the posture, hands positions, correct pedalling and much more. As a subscriber you will get this training for a very special price.

Another short course Practice Habits Module is where we will be talking about when is the best time for you to practice, for how long, how to create the best practice habits, use a timer and other useful tools to help your practice.

Pricing Plan

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AMEB Exam Training

Preliminary Grades 1 – 4 Level 1

  • 30 min lesson $70
  • 45 min lesson $90
  • 60 min lesson $110

AMEB Exam Training

Grades 5 – 8+ Level 2

  • 60 min lesson $120
  • 75 min lesson $150
  • 90 min lesson $180