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Piano Lessons

Beginner & Intermediate Level 1

  • 30 min lesson $70
  • 45 min lesson $90
  • 60 min lesson $110
  • Purchase package of 10 lessons and receive 10% discount

Piano Lessons

Advanced Level 2

  • 60 min lesson $120
  • 75 min lesson $150
  • 90 min lesson $180
  • Purchase package of 10 lessons and receive 10% discount

AMEB Exam Training

Preliminary Grades 1 – 4 Level 1

  • 30 min lesson $70
  • 45 min lesson $90
  • 60 min lesson $110
  • Purchase package of 10 lessons and receive 10% discount

AMEB Exam Training

Grades 5 – 8+ Level 2

  • 60 min lesson $120
  • 75 min lesson $150
  • 90 min lesson $180
  • Purchase package of 10 lessons and receive 10% discount

Navigate Melbourne's Piano Lessons Costs: What Affects the Price?

Finding the right piano teacher in Melbourne involves striking a balance between your budget and finding the best fit for your skill level and goals.

Here’s what influences the cost:

Teacher Expertise:

  • Non-music degree instructors: Starting from $35/hour, these teachers may offer basic training but not professional insights.
  • Music degree (non-piano): Expect rates between $40-$50/hour. While musically knowledgeable, their piano performance skills and specialized instruction might be limited.
  • Bachelor’s in Piano: Ranging from $40-$90/hour, these teachers possess advanced playing abilities and deeper knowledge, ensuring well-rounded instruction.
  • Master’s or Doctorate in Piano: Rates usually fall between $80-$120/hour. These highly qualified professionals offer the most in-depth and specialized guidance. There are many benefits of choosing a qualified piano teacher, such as avoiding bad habits and ensuring proper techniques.


Remember: While higher qualifications often come with a premium, consider your individual needs and budget. Discussing your goals with different teachers can help you find the perfect match at the right price.



Frequently Asked Questions

Yanna MMus has graduated from the Gnesin Russian Academy of Music in Moscow Russia with a Bachelor and Master degrees in Piano Performance, Conducting and Teaching. Later, she completed her Master of Music in Performance/ Orchestral Conducting at the University of Melbourne, Conservatorium of Music. Finally, she completed Master of Enterprise at the Melbourne Business School, the University of Melbourne where she is currently teaching.

Dive into world-class piano lessons with Master of Music instructor. We warmly welcome complete beginners and nervous newcomers, crafting a supportive and stimulating environment to unlock your musical potential. For experienced and advanced students we help and inspire to improve and advance your piano skills further.

Expect your skills to soar:

  • 80% improvement: Our focus on personal motivation and positive mindset fuels rapid progress in piano playing.
  • Masterful technique: Hone your technical skills, sight-reading, sound production, posture, pedalling, and fingers application under expert guidance.
  • AMEB exam success: Achieve your goals with our proven, result-driven professional training for AMEB exams.
  • Unforgettable learning: Enjoy the journey surrounded by fun, friendly vibes that make learning joyful.

Elevate your piano journey today! Contact us to embark on your exciting musical adventure.

  • Beginner
  • intermediate
  • Advanced
  • AMEB Level 1 (Preliminary to Grade 4)
  • AMEB Level 2 (Grade 5 to Grade 8+)
  • Contact us via this website
  • book your first trial lesson through Calendly system
  • email us
  • call 0414099463 to discuss any additional info or to book your lesson
  • enroll to our online course (coming soon)


What Students Say About Us

Discover the transformative experiences of our students through heartfelt testimonials. Dive into a collection of stories that reflect the impact of our courses and the musical journeys they’ve inspired.

Yanna’s teaching techniques of imparting her knowledge and skills possess a strong focus on fostering the individual’s strengths and aspirations instead of molding them into the conventional way of learning to play. For adult learners, Yanna’s application of Adult Learning Principles is reflected in her understanding and respect for the individual’s uniqueness and differences which brings the piano learning experience with her to a complete different level.

Jean-Louis Nguyen

I love my lessons with Yanna. She has shown me how to develop a solid technique and play stylistically. I hadn’t played piano for 45 years when I started with Yanna. To be honest, I had never given technique much attention all those years ago. Having a systematic approach to developing a good technique really unlocks some wonderful repertoire that I never thought I would play. A huge thanks to Yanna for so patiently guiding and encouraging me!

Wendy Brooks

I have been taking piano lessons with Yana for a few months now, and am absolutely loving it! I had never played the piano before, just wanted to learn something new, and Yana has been such a brilliant teacher! Although I'm new to the instrument and can barely read music, she is extremely talented and her lessons would be suitable for any experience level, from beginner to advanced. Yana is also a kind and lovely person, so the lessons are always enjoyable. I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in learning or improving their piano skills.


My daughter LOVES going to piano lessons with Yanna. She makes learning super fun while teaching the techniques we need to prepare for AMEB exams.

Tracy L

Yanna is an incredible Teacher. I feel like I’m being guided to play piano like a pro. Not just learning songs, but working through the correct technique and prep to play the piano beautifully. Forever grateful for my lessons with her.

Jarrad Kenny

My kids have been taking piano lessons with Yanna preparing for AMEB exams and achieving A and A+ results last few years. Their progress has been enormous even with online lessons during the pandemic years. Yanna is highly experienced, patient, engaging and always encourages kids to achieve their best.


Yanna is a very warm, kind, and patient piano teacher. I have learnt so much about articulation and technique in the few months I've taken lessons with her. With her guidance, I've decided to take AMEB exams next year to consolidate my musical knowledge.

Ciara G