AMEB Exam Training

What is AMEB Comprehensive Exams Training?

CBD Piano Academy has successful track record preparing students for AMEB Comprehensive Piano Exam.

We will help you with essential elements of the exam, so you could pass this challenge with flying colours. There are four elements of the exam after you complete your Repertoire Piano exam.

You will learn how to prepare for sight-reading test, aural test, technical skills and general knowledge tests. We will assist you with all of it, so you will feel confident and fluent.

Sight-reading training – shortcuts to flawless performance, sequence of sight-reading

Aural test training – ear training, fundamental theory, voice production and projection,

Technical skills training – how to play scales and arpeggios effortlessly, create even sound in both hands, fundamental understanding of scales structure and tonality progression. How to play chromatic scales with minimum fingers movement. How to prepare additional exercises from the compulsory technical list, focus on articulations – staccato, legato, marcato, accents, dynamics etc.

General knowledge training – specific pieces from your list, composers, style, music form.

Pricing Plan

Choose Your Pricing Plan

AMEB Exam Training

Preliminary Grades 1 – 4 Level 1

  • 30 min lesson $70
  • 45 min lesson $90
  • 60 min lesson $110

AMEB Exam Training

Grades 5 – 8+ Level 2

  • 60 min lesson $120
  • 75 min lesson $150
  • 90 min lesson $180